The overlords at twitter have locked my account again for tweets supporting Patrick Byrne having the courage to speak truth to power.I never posted threats,curse words or graphic images. I tweeted about my post being shadow banned and then twitter locked my account again.lol Very few people have the courage to speak truth to power as Patrick did on national TV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5J-1rs1LJo I'm so tired of the corrupt media/tech/finance giants and politicians but I will NEVER give up. Patrick Byrne has suggested in interviews that anyone who wants to help him could buy from Overstock. I would like to add to that and propose a few simple suggestions that can help Patrick/Overstock/Medici and at the same time possibly help anyone who takes these actions to make it a mutually beneficial win/win situation for all involved: 1)Buy from Overstock and give Overstock gift certificates to others 2)Buy stock in Overstock.Ticker symbol is OSTK. After you buy stock place a GTC(Good Til Canceled) Limit Sell order for $100 a share or more to prevent your shares being loaned out to short sellers who might try to drive the stock price down. 3)Download the TZERO Crypto App on your smartphone and buy Ravencoin. Overstock already owns a lot of Ravencoin and TZERO is majority owned by Overstock/Medici. 4)Join Pro freedom social network MINDS where users earn crypto tokens for using the site.Overstock/Medici owns about 24% of MINDS Please share the link posted below via text/email/social media if you agree and care about people who have the courage to speak truth to power on national TV .Thank You. https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1013096928243904512?referrer=truthfreedompeace