Urgent Message from Sounds Rad Ministry of Special Offers: "MTX "Shards" Vol. 1 has returned for a limited 2nd pressing on split turquoise/white vinyl. To celebrate this repressing, we are offering a limited bundle that includes both the 2nd pressing of "Shards" Vol. 1 and a copy of one of few remaining "Shards" Vol 2 on 180-gram vinyl with a limited Shards 1.5" enamel pin, all for $30. We only have 30 (out of 50) of these packages remaining, so you better hurry!" Act accordingly: https://www.soundsradical.com/store/p172/Mr._T_Experience_-_Shards_Vol_1_&_2_LP_Set_(LIMITED_TO_50).html #music #product #vinyl #minds