Historical research and truth through authentic documents.

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Common Law & Random Picture Art plzz SUBSCRIBE. Important NOTE do your OWN ! research WE are grown up men & woman man isn't perfect we ALL make mistake's and we have our own eye's & ear's so let's use em. remember to research there is no way to know it ALL :) research is our best friend. & WE are alway's learning something NEW everyday :) . .......Deer non citizens We Are Anonymous! We Are not citizens we are not a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government We are not the king's or queens subjects or a person is a corporation who legally belongs to the state Our RIGHTS are NOT privileges RIGHTS CAN'T be TAKEN or GIVEN TO US we are born with them and we are lawful NOT legal we are live living man&woman not artificial person slaves ! WE stand IN COMMON LAW as a man or woman and we.......Do Not Forgive! We Do Not Forget! Expect us! #truth 🍓🍒🍊🍇🍎🍍🍌🍉💕🎉👌😄⛽💎🐒🐖🐲🚀🍕👿👹⛳🎪👍☕🎬👊 xXx 🖕💡😜 🎥💪🍷🍫 🎧💆🐦🐝✊☝😎💻🎮 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ☀️👼⚠️✌😎👍💨👁👂🤓🤔😬😑🤑

Me... I'm a spiritual being on spaceship mother earth hurling through space and living life to the fullest. Life and let live! I am a Libertarian and I fully support the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Theses liberties our Forefathers fought and died for are a precious gift "We the People" have squandered. Screw socialism, screw Communism, screw Nationalism! I love the earth and all the creatures that call this home. I spend as much time outdoors, exploring this planet as I can. And I got a wicked, twisted sense of humor and think a pandemic may be the best course of action to fix the current state of affairs. All my personal photography is #jillycatphotography

I love Jesus my savior, I have three children, one is Autistic, and I am not half bad at beating you at pool 😉

Retired and loving life

Aug 2019
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