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I love meme, i'm a free speech absolutist, if you can't understand sarcasm you might think i'm stupid, and you'd be mostly correct ! I'm a huge video game enthusiast, not just playing them but knowing them and hopefully one day get to make one, not just work on them. I have a YouTube gaming channel, please consider subscribing !

Steve and Linda, Prisoncast, sometimes serious, sometimes crazy, sometimes looney, sometimes political, sometimes heart-moving, sometimes mindless, sometimes personal, sometimes hilarious. Always entertaining! The original music is always off the hook. ;)) Support us!

Doing a sociological research on anarchism and ethics of property.

Come for the conspiracies, stay for the bunnies.

Just your average Space Trucker looking for a planet to call my own. Some stuff will be political, some stuff nerdy, and some just cause.

just sharing important info, good vibes, & the occasional dank meme

I wear Pajamas every day......while Masterbaiting with stolen memes

#LAWOFONE. #MAGA, #QANON, #WWG1WGA, #HAILTOTHECHIEF, GAB: jsmistro, Twotter: jsmistro. Part of the great twotter banishment just after POTUS.

Jan 2020
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