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12 Most Overriding Benefits of Clove Oil

NaturesNaturalIndiaMay 9, 2019, 11:32:03 AM

When living in a country surrounded by spices, how can one ignore their benefits and uses in our day-to-day life? Not only in the kitchen, but also these spices have a wide impact on our skin care routine. Say it to be a bay leaf or a peppermint, each spice has its own properties and uses. These essential oils which have the properties of spices in them are very handy to be included in your routine. To order any essential natural oil, you can visit the online store and can place the order. There are many Natural essential oils suppliers that can help you in getting these oils.

There is a wide range of essential oils available and each of them has different properties and uses. One of the most renowned ones is a clove oil applauded in the dental medical industry for its amazing effects to promote oral health. Let’s know everything about it here-

Clove Oil: A hidden Gem

There are various spices that one can have in the daily routine. But, one hidden gem is Clove. Clove oil is extracted from the clove flower through the steam distillation process. Though, it is used almost every day in our kitchens, but, it has other amazing health benefits as well. It is a wonderful pain reliever and extremely useful for curing many health ailments.

Uses of Clove Oil

Clove oil comes in handy to cure an array of the medical conditions. And also it is used in many household chores. Some of them are listed below:

1. Perfect for dental care: Clove oil is present in many of the dental products like mouthwashes as it has germicidal properties which help to fight against mouth ulcer and dental pain.

2. Cure Headache: Clove oil has a soothing effect on mind and other nerves due to its cool and refreshing aroma which can help in curing headache.

3. Work against Respiratory problems: Clove oil has inflammatory properties and cooling effect on the nasal cavity and throat that can cure any of the respiratory problems.

4. Relives Earache: When having a cough and cold, earache is common. Use clove oil to relive you from earache.

5. Good for Diabetes: Clove oil maintains insulin level in the blood and hence it is perfect for the diabetic person.

6. Treat Acne: Clove oil has some anti-bacterial properties that can help in curing the acne. It is also used in many creams and lotions.

7. Fades Blemishes: Clove oil work as a mild chemical that can help in lightening the blemishes on the skin when directly applied on the skin.

8. Used in Cosmetics: Clove oil has some antiseptic properties and soothing effect. So, it is used in soaps and other beauty products.

9. Reduces hair fall: Clove oil helps to reduce hair fall and also promote hair growth. It also covers bald spots.

10. Natural Hair Conditioner: When mixed with olive oil, clove oil can be a wonderful conditioner. It strengthens the roots and makes hair strong.

11. Used as an Insect Repellent: Clove oil has a strong aroma that makes it popular to be used in bug and insect repellents.

12. Work as a Flavouring agent: Clove oil has a strong aroma that can change the taste of food items. So, it is used in many of the food recipes.

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