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Beautiful women and beautiful nature, mostly from Europe. Happy to repost the work of photographers..))) (((

Join me as I embark upon the creation of neo-traditional and progressive folk music! I may also be sharing an eclectic mix of what's good in what's going on in folk music and overlapping genres -- Americana, bluegrass, Celtic, gospel, blues, singer-songwriter -- heck, I'm even interested in what's going on in Europe with folk metal, neo-pagan music, folk-infused ambient black metal, etc. Love it. And if you've got recommendations, hit me with 'em! Folk Music - Being the traditional music of "the people," you can say it's the original pop music. It's pop music that people still want to listen to 1000 years later and the new music that is inspired by the same. It's a music of connection -- to your ancestors, to your own culture and to other cultures past and present, and, through the topics that these songs treat, to nature, to history, to world events, to God, and to your fellow man. Thanks for stopping by!

Just a guy trying to find a constant in an ever changing world. I love anime, art, cosplay, music, nature, and women (although not necessarily in that order). Those of you who create art (in any form) bring beauty into this world.

All about taking beautiful pictures of every place I visit and beautiful and funny animal videos

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Living in Clearwater B.C. 🇨🇦 I enjoy sharing aerial photography from wherever life takes me 🚁 Get Brave through my referral link. It’s a free and open-source web browser that blocks ads and trackers, plus pays you! ➡️

Believe in yourself Never give up on your dreams stay positive stay bless love you all ❤️

Dec 2019
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