We are a united group of White Nationalists, dedicated to preserving our people. What are our goals? Our goals are to unite all pro white organizations together as 1 unit to achieve the same goal, save our people, and close our boarders to non whites. Unite The Right was a great concept until violent activists came in and spoiled the message. We aim to bring back the non violent marches that were somewhat present during the night before the disaster of a rally at Charlottesville Virginia. Non violent activism works. People were coming out of their dorms to march alongside our people. We were finally coming together. We wish to truly unite all of the groups together under 1 temporary banner. Marching together under 1 uniform, 1 banner, and 1 uniform set of rules and regulations. Our enemies are united as 1, with a common goal, to end our existence, while we are fractured, arguing over which political group is better, and which approach is the best. No longer shall we fight among each other. People like the ChristChurch attacker did more harm than good. Instead of uniting people to the cause, he turned the majority of people against us, getting their firearms banned, and a target on their back. Our rules will be coming soon

Native European Survivalist, Anti-Abrahamic Pan-Anarchist, Marxian Third-Positionist & Sperm-Restoring Spiritual Satanist Womanizer. retake planet earth from nonsense, Google Chrome is Surveillance Browser, Andrew Torba must sold Gab and Dissenter into Kolyma Network

All comers are welcome and very encouraged to examine all of the information at this site... download, copy and share anything you like. ...or...

Orthodox Christian ☦️, Reactionary, 26. Orthodoxy/repentance = the only way out of this mess 🐸 YouTube Channel (Orthodox Reactionary):

Mar 2019
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