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#agorism #dankmemes #memes If you're a pussy don't subscribe, I'm not for you

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God has allowed me to live another day and I'm about to make it everyone's problem. ★★★★☆

Crypto Anarchist, free thought, free speech, free software, free association, free markets, the freedom to bear arms and use them. I post spicy memes, guns, nerd stuff, political philosophy, internet privacy, crypto and occasional vidya. Will upvote T&A, 2D women are better than 3D. Morality is spook.

A curious mind. Looking for the truth in a maze of lies. ᛗ ᛁ<ᚻ ᛖ ᚨ ᛚ ᚨ מיכאלה It is no small victory to find inner peace and I truly believe this is the first battle a man must fight before going to spiritual war. End the Federal Reserve. Genocidal Globalist would love us to believe that we are all stupid and bad. It falls nicely into their eugenics program. We can see the world through their filter...or through the one we were born with. People are sentient strange beings capable of building empires, taking us to the moon and also capable of crying because a dog dies in a movie. You're beautiful. Debate is welcome, hate is not. Attack the argument, not the person. Or I will block you. Freedom of association means- I don't own you my time or access to my mind. But, I will grant it to you upon respectful request. If you like my page please send me some Minds coins 🐈 We all know Trump won 2020. God bless America.33/6

Mar 2021
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