Nat MT

Audio Producer/Engineer. Telecommunications student. Interested in Acoustics and science. Rock, metal and trap music. Thursian and Nordic world.

Award winning mastering engineer

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Hello, descriptions are not my thing, but I will try to summarize some of what I like: Art, philosophy, nature, science-fiction, music, movies, mystery, magick, technology, robotics, investigations, paranormal events and many other things that at this moment escape me. I love freedom and I dont trade it for anything. Finally, I love Egyptian art and all its culture. I don't waste my time on: pointless fights, superficial talks, etc. Most of the photos posted are taken from the Internet, keep that in mind, since I will not be able to tell you in all cases where the photograph was taken. Spanish is my main language and my english is not that good (I try to do my best), so bear that in mind if you comment or something. Thanks to all those who subscribe to my channel!! My group, for sharing sexy stuff ;) 😉 😈 💡 #science #futurism #occultism #egypt #magick #mystery #fantasy #architecture #music #beauty #girls #sexy #gif #photography #politics #argentina #libertarism #art #nature #sacredgeometry #sculpture #painting #animals Home of The Vinyl Reacquisition Project, Vinyl Haul, The Record Store Report, and other great YouTube shows on metal vinyl collecting. Japan WUT? Podcast about Lifestyle, Indie Music, and Tech in Japan.

Lightphaser's works range from music production to software development including the composition of original soundtracks or producing music videos. Over the last decade, more than 12 official music releases have been produced, the genre is falling mostly into melodic techno, synth-pop, synthwave, electro, and IDM realms. The music is heavily synthesizer-based, the album themes are taking the listener on fictional journeys through spacey landscapes. Starting from 2020 the music has been enriched with the beautiful voice of Hatsune Miku! EPK:

Nov 2019
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