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How to earn free Bitcoin with PIVOT - (Not Scam)

Best Life's ChannelSep 25, 2018, 8:39:09 AM

Hello My Best friends,

Pivot is a community for cryptocurrency investors sponsored by Binance exchange; one of the most popular exchanges in the crypto world 🌎. Pivot users can earn free BTC daily.

It's seldom to see a platform in the global net that offers its users free Bitcoin (BTC) as rewards! But, today I bring you a platform in which you can earn BTC freely.

Are you still doubting if it is real? common! it's 100% real and I have got paid, it's tested and trusted for me to be sharing it with my followers.

Join herehttps://www.pivot.one

Step 1: Login with your Gmail account and you will receive 200 POWER 💪

Sign up with Google Mail

Step 2: Next, click on the given download link after you have successfully login with your Gmail account to download Pivot. After downloading Pivot app, log in with your registered Gmail account and start earning.

Download Pivot App

Step 3: How to get Bitcoin? 

Pivot presently organized a campaign to encourage users in the community tagged "Daily BTC bonus" for one month.

For you to get the bonus you need to accumulate POWER similar to Steem Power, your POWER influences your stake in the Daily BTC Bonus Pool.

You accumulate power by Sharing posts, Reading posts, Inviting friends.


For every friend you refer, you get 10,000 POWER 💪 and you also get 10% of every reward your referral earns.

Click here to Join: https://www.pivot.one

Sharing Post

For every shared post, you get 200 POWER if it is among the 5 earliest posts a user read.

Share Post for get Power

Reading a Post

At the end of every post, you have to click on GET READ POWER to claim 200 POWER with limited of 4,000 POWER daily.

Get Read a Post

Note: POWER is reset daily

What are you still waiting for! 

Join and Earn! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥:  https://www.pivot.one

Proof of payment

Withdraw bitcoin from Pivot to Coinbase

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