Hi I draw things and write sometimes. I’d like to connect with more artists who draw or writes. I’m still getting the hang of Minds. I am confusion. explain America EXPLAIN

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Essential #China #news and #culture with a dash of #humor and Sichuan peppercorn. It's a laugh riot, so get the tear gas ready.

Peace-loving rabbit & webcomic artist just wanting to enjoy life and meet people! SFW content ONLY! -Wholesome Christian bun- Also on Twitter & Telegram!

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Hello, I go by Lumi! I enjoy anime, disturbing horror and goth/metal music. I'm down to talk but I usually am busy due to my personal life. All the drawings I post are ocs that are created by me and my friends.

I draw furries and do some 3D modeling. Down for meeting some cool people.

I don't take commissions right now And when I do, I will not accept 18+ or fetish commissions I am me. Anxiety taking human form. Call me whatever as long as I can understand you're addressing me . I enjoy drawing, baking, anime, meems, vydiagaymes, and the occasional movie and book. I'll mostly just be posting sketches and illustrations here.

Hello there! You can call me MysterE, not much to say about myself but that's what keeps it a... Mystery. I'm sorry for that lame joke. I am starting to draw a bit so don't expect too much good stuff from me. Hope you enjoy!

Hi there! I'm Timothy Stanford, acrylic landscape and wildlife painter. My work is a constant journey of discovery as I strive to achieve a reasonable balance between personal style and realism. Each painting is a new challenge and an opportunity for growth. My main focus is the study of light as it plays across glorious landscapes, majestic wildlife, and sometimes...mythical worlds. I hope you'll come along on this journey with me...⁣⁣     SUBSCRIBE:⁣     Win a FREE art print:⁣     WEBSITE: ⁣⁣  

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