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Join us in saving a life

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🜲 A Noun, Verbing Around the internet. 🜲 | 3 Terse Terms For Life: 1. Thou art That \ 2. Know Thyself \ 3. Do what thou wilt |

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Trying to be philosophically consistent and self aware, liberty minded individual making snarky and/or insightful comments (hopefully). On occasion I will try to one up conspiracy theory types for shits, giggles and the unlikely chance they may gain some insight into how batshit crazy they really are. I also take photos of stuff. I intend my posts here show my evolution and improvement as a photographer and (hopefully) a trend slowly moving towards technical mastery and artistic expression. If I have one piece of advice it's "stop humoring racists/identiterians". They are objectively bad people, and you should stop assuming they're just ignorant or mistaken. They're adults, treat them like it.

Harp609™ ✌😎
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🎵 🎧 🎵 Music is Flexible ~feel it~ ~Some of the visual content on this channel is not my work~

I love topics that are related to popular culture. Like gaming, manga, comics, anime, cosplay, movies, TV shows and series, memes, art, photography, music, tech, crypto, girls, drugs, internet, gifs, comedy, humor, funny, webcam, social media, trends, etc.

Mar 2019
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