Retired Law Enforcement 31yrs.. 19yrs Investigations Currently own & Operate Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts Institute in Bridgetown Barbados Caribbean

How the little piggies will grunt when they hear how the old boar has suffered

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My name is Sean Jeffrey Gugerty. My families name and their story was arbitrated in Ireland, a poor potato farming bunch of God fearing alcoholics with strong family values. we survived Famine, English Slavery, wars, and we did so without a chip on our should and we made the best of it, and we still do. I probably sound like a terrorist sometimes, but know this. I fight and I am ruthless in my efforts to combat evil greedy men, and big soulless corporations. I love people! I will kill for you America! I will die for you America! If you are hungry at my table you may sit and I will feed you. IF you are in need of my help I will give it. My friendship is not for sale, if I choose to give it to you, its yours and no one else can take the respect I have for you with their words or their currencies and commodities. This is my home, and I will not allow it to be shat upon and the people be abused any longer! God Bless the USA!

Jun 2020
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