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Top 5 Best mutual funds Investment Apps

mutualfundsindiaJul 23, 2018, 9:56:03 AM

Investment apps are trending nowadays as the stock market is getting known to everyone and investors find very ease and gets involved in this. These apps are getting more connected to the experienced investors as they are able to see many opportunities to improve the portfolios and also can save money with these applications available nowadays.

Making a trade with the help of the smartphone by using these apps for free or a little bit of cost eliminated the stockbroker for making a trade and his relative charge burden on the investors with one click on their smartphone.

Let us check the best apps for mutual funds investment in the present days


Savart is the one of the best mutual fund investment application available for the android as well as iOS devices. The investors can invest with even one rupee in their mutual funds and stocks. Through the emotional financial gravitational analysis of this app it can help you to invest based on the requirements, needs, emotions etc. it has the round-up feature where you need to link your bank account and whenever you shop the price will be rounded and a message will be sent when you pay through the card and the amount remaining will be saved as savings and investment fund. Selling or buying, research, charge in portfolios are also the options seen in savart. If you are interested to conduct investment then go for a manual mode in the savart app so that you can research on yourself. There will be an automatic investment machine where you can invest directly apart from the digital mode.


The digital Management of the mutual funds is carried out using the MyCAMS application. This application is available for both Android as well as the iOS platforms. By using this app the investors, as well as the common people, can invest mutual funds through direct method or regular method in online. With the help of this app, the user can invest or access the mutual funds with the help of a single gateway which is secure for the investors. The investors can track the portfolios which are already existing and can also view them. They also have an access to set up the SIP. Watchlist can be created for tracking the portfolios which are existing through this application.


This application Help the users and investors in making the mutual fund investments very simple and quick. The popular application known for investing mutual funds in the Android and Apple iOS phones is FundsIndia. This application is the best and most preferable application for the first time investment makers because of its simple and easy access. For investing in this application one must complete the verification of e-KYC instantly through the app and can start the SIP. The amount required for starting a SIP is rupees 1000. There will be investment advisors available on this app and it recommends Personal goal-based plans.


This application is also available for all OS platforms and with this application, we can plan, learn and invest in the mutual funds. It helps the investors and users in learning about the important investments, money and the creation of the wealth. It has right investment options so that the investor can save the money and can invest them on the mutual funds. For accessing this application the user needs to link the account with their aadhar card and the PAN details and can sign up to this Script box. The investors need to select the appropriate mutual funds which suit them. the lowest amount required for the investment is rupees 1000.

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This application also useful in investing the money in mutual funds which have an option of daily spare change which let the user put in the mutual fund investments. With this, the spare changes of the user are saved and invested from the debit or credit cards linked with this account by rounded and when the total will be equal to 500 the money will be invested in mutual funds. It has a very low risk and aggressive.


It is the application created by the Karvy mutual fund services to its users and investors. The investment can be made through SIP.