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Welcome to the #ShamanStoryteller Hope you will check out my channel links below and join My Website: Shaman On Board ShamansFire Group: Thanks for BEING here! Shaman Ziggy is a Reiki Master, Quantum Touch Energy and Chakra healer who has works with Past & Future Life Regression to explore where you have come from and where we all might be going. He has lived many years in Russia, Central, South America and Asia where he has studied the teaching of Buddhism, Shamanism and Indigenous storytelling. Though his past life regression work he has re-discovered Old Soul traveling friends and lovers by returning to the places he once called home in past life times. He is a self published writer and teacher of the old indigenous way of healing through the colors of your Chakras by using your past life experiences to help guide you to your destiny and change the direction of your future. Love, Peace and Understanding we are ONE Energy and in that is everything you will ever need. My Website:
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Jul 2019
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