I learned to code, then worked in the tech industry where I "trained" my H1-B replacements. I had spent 5 years learning Russian so I could participate in the cold war, before the wall came down. A former Master Mason, there is not elightenment to be found within a group, it is a personal journey each person must take upon themselves. There are no answers within the mysteries of Babylon religion or its watered-down occult derivatives. Truth is exclusive by nature, it is not inclusive. For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. Sometimes, I can be a bit of edgelord when it comes to telling the truth. I know that sometimes what I say offends people. A lot of the time I am banking on it. Don't expect an apology, unless you are a personal friend, and never expect a public apology.
Love, Light & Fcuk The System Namaste )O(utlaw Peace & Love Tin Foil Hat wearing~Aspie Contributor (R)
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I'm a front-end dev and Technical writer My topics will be about programmers Memes I love Anime and some of manga ....................... #programming_memes #Programs #anime
accepting donations cashapp @Ryatz Find me here, there and everywhere twitter: @KingBOB_OHM Rarible: Instagram: @KingBOB_OHM ETH: Being a busy bee cause the devil plays with idle hands. I made this Minds account to serve as my digital portfolio for sketches, illustrations, unfinished beeswax, special herbs and other hors d'oeuvre. I am FANDUMB, KING BOB-⊙HM, LEWDWIG Von BEATOVEN, THUNDEROUS BASTARD Thanks for stopping by
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Welcome to The Paradigm Shift Channel. Topics covered are CBDC's (Central Bank Digital Currencies), Food Security, Cyber Attacks, Blockchain Tech, USD Reserve Currency Status, Gold/Silver markets. On Telegram @
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