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鈥淚n questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.鈥 鈥 Galileo Galilei

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Psychedelic rockmusic and art

Wannabe hard enduro rider and hack mechanic.

am a free spirit, like all sorts of music as well as making music, interests include history, science, religion, philosophy and many more, i also like travelling about. media is full of propaganda and politicians are full of shit. peace and love to all :) btc - 3LJxh5YaXRVDaLF8pNPTeTVr6DKyuuGCJs eth - 0x44E6d58A4ebDeA5e4B840c06e55479C5bF6103F4拢dragon88spirit

Liberator of the minds of my fellow Americans and humanity at large, Revolutionary Patriot, Jew Exposer & Namer. I鈥檓 not 鈥渁nti-Semitic鈥 or 鈥渁nti鈥 any group that does not wish me, my family, friends, and country harm. Unfortunately, based on my research, Jews do wish that on us and they mean to destroy us. If you look through my posts, you鈥檒l see what I mean. I鈥檓 a US Army retiree with several deployments under my belt including Iraq. I鈥檓 also a USPS Retiree. I鈥檝e earned two Bachelor Degrees in Business and History-History is my passion, I鈥檓 a 9/11 & Covid Truth activist, free-breather and anti-vaxer, I鈥檓 also anti-New/Jew World Order....Pro Liberty and PRO FREEDOM鈥鈥檓 also a published-author...we need another 1776 REVOLUTION! NOW! I also HIGHLY recommend these VERY IMPORTANT FILMS: 1) Anatomy of a Great Deception: 2) Adolph Hitler The Greatest Story NEVER Told! and 3) Europa The Last Battle: 4) The Holocaust is a HollowHoax! Orchestras and plays at Auschwitz? See for yourself: 5)鈥漈he Secret Masonic Victory of WWII: 6) 鈥淐ommunism By The Back Door:鈥 7) My book, 鈥9/11/01, The Day Patriotism Was HiJacked鈥 can be found here: 8) Also see this site for little-known Covid information: and here: 9) for timely, IMPORTANT info! Thanks! REVOLUTION! NOW! 10)

I am the new man that God created, a country boy, proud veteran, lover of Freedom, Liberty, Justice for All and Jesus. I came here to escape the facistbook censorship to just express my thoughts and feelings. Blessings to all y'all.

I write dark comedy & dramedy pilot scripts, with comics in mind for the lead roles

Aug 2021
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