Mr. Free


Mr. Free's First Official Release -- Patriotic Rock -- ARE YOU CRANKIN' IT UP?!? #FirstDayWitMyAK #PatrioticRock #2A #MAGA #Trump
Anyone else sick of seeing Andrew Cuomo on Fox News?? This is the way I would fight him (when the corona dust settles): His name fits perfectly with Status Quo - just change the Q to a C and you have -- Status Cuo Status Cuo-Mo STATUS CUO MO!! The Status Quo Candidate. Stupid. And thuggish. Mo. Hey Mo !! In a Donald Trump like fashion, you also give a name that fits him perfectly - Mo. He really is the perfect Mo. Then build off of that -- Say No to Mo!! No2Mo ;) Never forget - Mo is the fool who lit up The Freedom Tower pink in celebration of abortion up until birth. Let's help him find a new job. #MrFree #StatusCuoMo #HeyMo #SayNoToMo #No2Mo
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