Mark McGough

I've just blocked myself, I'm not putting up with this shit either!

Social anarchist. Anti-theist. Anti-authoritarian. Free thinker.

Nobody Told Me There Would Be Days Like These

Get Red Pilled on the soul crushing, crazy inducing philosophy that is modern atheism. A secular critic.

Former sailor, Actor, Artist, Dreamer, Writer, Futurist, TVP RBE advocate and student of Life.

Keep it clean, don't subscribe to me unless you believe in what I stand for. Take a look at my blog, first. Man is under attack every facet of life is deliberately being polluted and corrupted by the OWO only through awareness and faith can man fight this spiritual battle.

We must regulate ourselves so that the state doesn't have to.

Blogger of Politics, Music, Lol-cows, Games, Debate, Discussion and pretty much anything else you can think of! Shadilay! Praise kek! and see you all in the minds sphere.

Jun 2015
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