Explorer of minds SE/ope tech, amateur artist, Possibilianist, human being. I will likely comment on your posts or respond in old movie and TV references @mot for token bonuses, tell your friends! I try to post mostley original handmade art/content.!? And reminds of stuff I like. NO BOOSTS NO HASHTAGS if your page looks like a bot account I will not follow back enjoi! Minds exclusive
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Meandering through life trying to find the right trail.

Born and raised under a bridge in New York, and later migrated to a hallway in a school that I have yet to revisit. I spend my days travelling all over any hallway, (as long as it's a reasonable walking distance). I make all of my money by selling stolen goods from passerby, and I used to run with the mafia. Right now, I live in a school, so I'm using the wifi while I can. Wish me luck, and I'll do the same, friend.

Tangie town
Feb 2019
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