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How A Life Coach Improved My Families Health

motivationgeekJul 6, 2018, 12:57:38 AM

Raising a family and getting them to eat and live a healthy lifestyle is not easy especially when your kids have friends to don't follow a healthy lifestyle. Growing up my entire family was overweight with some of them even becoming obese. As I began to see some of my children follow in this pattern, I knew I had to do something so I wanted to learn how to find a life coach.

The option of a life coach to a touchy matter is to avoid fire brigade approach to problem-solving. What I mean by fire brigade is that you don’t allow the problem to happen before dealing with it. If a family member has a health issue, the best option is to see your doctor. But when intend to hold a family health strategic plan using life coaching, your goal is to achieve whole family health, save bills and live in good health in the family.

Here is the step by step plan of how I structure the program.

1. Define my family health life coaching objectives and goals. As someone with working knowledge of life coaching, I know the first thing I needed to do was define what I wanted to achieve. Unless you know your destination, no journey is complete! I developed an achievement plan for each member of my family. We are five in the family, and I came up with the program for each member of the family.

2. I discussed our health goal with my family. As a life coach, I understand the importance of family agreement to life issues and decision. I know there are boundaries to making far-reaching decisions that affect everyone and I won’t cross that line. Everyone raised their concerns, and we all resolved to go for it.

3. Find the right health life coach. When you find the coach, you need to tell her something because she will be ready with loads of questions; that’s what they are trained to do. The more the question, the closer you are to your problems and solutions. So, I contacted four life coaches who specialize in health coaching.

4. Select the best coach. Knowing about myself and the rest of the family, I know the best health coach will make the best out of us. Finally, we selected one whom we all believe has what we need to get us to our health goals.

5. With this health life coaching plan, we have achieved remarkable results, and we are all in health. So much have been saved from our health bill savings and that excess is helping us develop more potential to live happier lives as a family.