Proud & Kind Nordic Woman - 20 year and actually nice but banned on twitter and if they don’t want me there I go somewhere else and that place right now is Minds, let’s see if I stay or not.

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Truth Hides in Darkness, Until the Coming of The Light; Look and See, a New Dawn is Rising; The Sun Heralds the Return of Pride in Truth and Life and Light. Be this House like a Beacon in The Darkness, and a Place of Refuge for Seekers of Truth and Life through The Word. Telos: To help Build and Maintain a Community dedicated to Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Enlightenment and Empowerment. The Blackrock Beacon is the Minds-centric social-media platform for the non-profit "The Center of Holistic Enlightenment and Empowerment", incorporated in FL. 🔻 Scroll Down for Links to stuff (updates periodically) 🔻 Psst. Hey, you, wanna buy some merch? 💲BRB Media Store: 📙Substack: (articles; developing content / looking for writers!) 🔴Odysee: (On-Ground Coverage Stuff; Developing/Hiring) 🟢RUMBLE: (Under Construction; Developing/Hiring) ⭕BITCHUTE: (Under Construction; yada yada) Don’t have a Minds or Odysee account yet? 💡MINDS Referral: 🔴Odysee Referral:$/invite/@The.Blackrock.Beacon:8:

Low Carb - Health and Life Motivation™ (LC-HLM) is a way of eating that uses combination of low carb diet, keto diet and carnivore diet to lose weight. LC-HLM envisions to help individuals achieve their ideal weight by eating food that is high in protein, high in fat and low or zero in carbohydrates, that is nutrient dense and more healthy as compared to conventional balance diet. The goals of LC-HLM are to inspire and motivate people to do their way of eating properly and make a lifestyle change to prolong their life. DISCLAIMERS: All information and resources found in this channel are based on the research, opinions and personal experiences of the vlogger who practices this kind of diet. Those who want to try our way of eating should consult a doctor before making any lifestyle or health changes especially those who have medical condition. The vlogger of this channel will not be held liable to anyone.

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"ราษฎรทั้งหลายพึงรู้เถิดว่าประเทศเรานี้เป็นของราษฎร..24/06/2475" Nations = People 🇹🇭 #อภิวัฒน์สยาม2475 #คณะราษฎร์ #KhanaRatsadon #PeoplePartyPlaque #1932SiameseRevolution #ThaiPolitics #FuckoffTyrant #StopTheArmy #StopLordship #constitutionalmonarchy #ThaiMeanFreedom 🙋🏻 #ไทยแปลว่าอิสระ #Noslave 🙇🏻 #ฉันไม่ยอมเป็นทาสมึงหรอกจ้ะ! 🙅🏻

noสลิ่ม noรัฐบาล noพระมหากษัตริย์

Beauty Influencer•MDD•GMMTV Fans•ด้อมร้อนใน HRK•แต่งหน้า•ชอบรีวิว•เล่าข่าวเม้าท์เทรนด์•ฉอดการเมือง ดูรีวิวและเมคอัพที่ #PNNreview #MindsBeautyTH กลุ่มรีวิวเครื่องสำอางใน MindsTH #BeautyReviewTH


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Practice in hedgehog dilemma 🦔 🦔 🦔 Fight for whatever I deem fit 🐨🐹🐱🦄🐥🐯🐰💜 ❌❌Fuck dictatorship❌❌

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