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Learn More about Astrological Gemstones

moonstonesOct 31, 2019, 7:01:07 PM

Astrology is simply a modality that works in a holistic, fluid, and complex manner to expand your consciousness. For individuals who love astrology, Vedic astrologers would be an interesting option. This is because the astrology can offer gem remedies that would correct cosmic energy imbalances. However, not every gemstone is an astrological gemstone. Most stones traded in the market do not qualify for gemstone astrology.

The good thing about astrological gemstones is that they have special features that enable them to deliver positive change. Also, the special features empower them such that they harness the energies from the nine planets. A good example of the astrological stone is Jupiter stone. This gemstone is known to promote prosperity, happiness, fortune, and luck. It is also associated with religion, wealth, government, education, marriage, childbirth, and justice.

Since most of the gemstones in the market lack any powers, you should get your astrological gemstones from a reputable dealer at GemstoneUniverse.com for authentic gems such as Gemstone Universe. This will guarantee that you are getting the right gemstones to experience the change you need.

What makes astrological gemstones special is the healing energy contained in them. The energy can be activated when the gem gets in touch with your body. You can, therefore, wear the gemstones as ornaments like necklaces or rings. You can also place the gemstone in water overnight and drink the water the next day.

Gems heighten the chakras or vital energy in the body and directly influence pitta, vats, and Kapha. They can also activate or pacify a certain organ in your body, as well as neutralize or enhance the effects of certain planets in your astrological birth chart. However, gems may absorb the energy vibrations or qualities of the owner. Before you can use the gem, it is important to purify it. You can soak it in milk or salt water for two days and that won’t harm your stone. Discover more about this stone on this site.

On the other hand, you need to ensure that when wearing your gemstone, it touches the skin. This allows the subtle energies contained in the stone to interact with the body energies directly. This way, you will experience the change you need. Because chemically treated or processed stones might lack healing energy, ensure you get unprocessed, authentic, clean stones. The stones should also be flawless or without cracks.

If you lack sufficient knowledge in Vedic astrology and gemstones, you should consult an expert before you invest in gems. This is because if you wear the wrong gem or on the wrong body part, it could result in negative influence. Click on this link for more info: https://www.britannica.com/science/gemstone.