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10 free tools to use with Minds

Moonlit🌙MonkeyDec 25, 2018, 4:12:37 AM

These tools are for Windows (One or two Linux and Android). Some might be more helpful for creators but at least a few for casual users. Finding useful software can be time-consuming, let's save some folks some time.

Chromium Extensions


I use Brave Browser which has some future crypto token facilities (the BAT token) but also runs Chromium extensions and has great adblocking built in. 

Metamask is pretty essential for using crypto and on-chain tokens because it securely automates processes within your browser for trading tokens, crypto and displays your transactions and balances. 


If you write blogs this is pretty essential; there is no spelling checker within the Blog editor. This gives you free on the fly spelling and grammar checking.

Night Eye

I’m using this on a free trial, I think eventually it costs a few bucks a month. However there are a few extensions like this, and it offers pretty functional ‘dark mode’ for those that use Minds at night, and don’t want to have sheer white seared into their eyeballs. Basically, it turns the white background black/grey and the writing white to be easier on your eyes. 

Photo Tools


The website oddly seems not to be working right now. But the Windows Store app 'Photo Editor by Aviary’ or ‘Aviary’ app on Android both offer some excellent filters that offer punch when lightly applied to photos. These are really good filters for nature and city shots.

Photoshop Express

Also a free Windows store app, Photoshop Express also offers a selection of decent, more subtle photo filters. Both of these apps offer better filters than come default on Instagram, or in the Photos app. 


GIMP is a free Photoshop-like program. You can layer and manually edit photos, do basic digital art, run effects, layer edit pictures and there is an expansion that allows you to frame edit animations like GIFs. It’s also available on Linux.

Video & GIF Tools

VSDC Free Video Editor

I’ve found this to be a pretty decent basic video editor. You can export as GIF, layer video and pictures. It’s free, and it’s not common to get this slightly more fully featured video editing for free, so worth a look in my opinion. I use it for some videos and for GIF creation. The native photo app in Windows also has some cool video editing features, for slideshows and adding little 3D effects.


If your video is too large for easy upload, this program helps slim down your files. Upload of large files can take a long time, so I think if you do video, this should be in your toolbox. 

BLINK Cliplets

Back in the day, Microsoft used to write some dope tools for GIFs. The resolution of GIF or video it produces is a bit small for sure, but its algorithm for stabilizing video into gifs with a static component is pretty solid. If you have smartphone footage you want to turn into a GIF, and don't mind a very basic resolution, this is a handy tool for getting that video clip into a stable image with a few moving components.


Bold Text Generator: There’s a lot of online web pages like this one. You can use emoji’s or bold text in Minds posts to give titles, or parts of the post some emphasis visually, so they pop out. There’s no inbuilt option to bold text. Please don’t get carried away with this one we don’t need every post on minds 100 per cent bold text!

If you find this useful or have some software that's handy that I haven't mentioned, jump in on the comments section.