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Hi all! Welcome to my channel! In this channel, I will be going to post all must-go and beautiful places in Vietnam Let share your experiences and moments when travelling Vietnam with me! Cheers!

Welcome to Rabbit's channel! Vietnamese Food is Everything!!! Not only posting nice pictures about traditional food, I will soon create blogs for sharing Vietnamese cuisine recipes! Please be patienttttt :D Many thanks for your support!

Conservatarian Journalist & disabled Otaku, I run the Happy Warrior Podcast & mostly write about culture and hard news, requests for work are welcome

Keep metal alive, brothers and sisters! Ana and Bogdan here :) We like to play rock and metal. For us, it is like nothing else on this planet. Making a new song and uploading it for the world to hear it, is what gives us the greatest joy. It's all about bringing new energyand a different feel to our favorite old school classics and popular hits we all love so much. We don't have a planning of the songs we will do in the future. Everything will be spontaneous. You can help with this by sending us suggestions. Also there could be uploads with original music for our band, Magica. You can subscribe to our channel: also, you can help us make better and more videos, by supporting us on Patreon: This is a fully independent total DIY project - from arrangements, recording, mixing&mastering all the way to filming and editing. All done at our home studio (Powersong Studio).  P.S. We may also post funny music related stuff :)

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