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How to Make Flower Arrangements

modernflowerblogOct 17, 2018, 9:02:28 AM

Making flower arrangements on a cemetery grave is one of the best ways to personalize the display on the final resting places for the people we love. This tradition has been with us since the times of the past and people in their millions place flowers on graves of their loved ones as a token for their remembrance and to honor the lives of their departed ones. The only unfortunate bit is that many of the floral arrangements look all the same and have rather similar collection of flowers. What's interesting however is the fact that if at all you are as interested in something a bit more personal, one that will be a sure honor to the taste and personality of your loved one, it is quite possible for you to make a flower arrangement with any kind of flowers that you will have chosen. Get some of the tips for achieving this as have been given below. Make sure to check Memorial Arrangements

You will need to have purchased a spiked vase for you to go about this. Visit your local florists or alternatively get to the Memorial Day craft stores for you to procure some of these essentials, the spiked vases. Even though it is a fact that any vase can be used for this, the spiked vases are championed for looking at the fact that they have been specially designed for this purpose and as such are much easier to work with. Do consider Artificial Flowers as well. 

You will as well need the floral oasis foam. You will need to cut this to the appropriate size so as to ensure that it fits inside the vase. A tight fitting size will be the best so as to ensure that it doesn't become loose inside the vase. This is then followed with the soaking of the foam with water until it is fully saturated and then have the same, the cavity of the vase filled with the foam.

Then move to the choice of the main flowers for your flower arrangement. As far as the preparation of the flowers go, make sure that you have these cut at angle with the aim being to create a point. You will then push the stems into the foam and then create the flower arrangement with the flowers of your choice.

When you are then done with this, it is now time for you to think of any added extras that you may need for the perfect memorial flower arrangements. These include such items such as greenery that help with the need to conceal the edge of the vase, the embellishments such as ribbons and the other miniature items, and the blooms to add color and texture to the flowers. Here's how to do a funeral flower arrangement: https://youtu.be/DtwQuBCSag0