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I love taking pictures A simple person A good listener

Only YAUH is sovereign

I am not sure what my channel will show. I have many interests, so it can go anywhere. I am a dealer of fine junk and have been so for a long time.

Here to contribute to the world's largest collection of ideas! ISO🎯AIR ALL GIFS are from Glitches: Undiscoverable SEARCH FUNCTIONS FOR USERS or GROUPS do not pop up for the following:

Amateur Photographer, all photos are mine. #Lightbender360Photography Completely self taught. I found out early that most Photographers are not willing to give you tips and pointers. U tube became my teacher as I searched for how to's etc... I do use Lightroom to fine tune since I shoot exclusively in RAW format. I also use Photoshop to clean up my photos from trash that i didn't see before the shot. I currently have a Canon 5D Mark lll that I love. Im glad you stopped in to take a look. I do have a website where everything is for sale. It"s Do stop by there too as there are many of my photos there that might not get uploaded to Minds. Thanks to all who vote up, remind and, subscribe. It means a lot.

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Jun 2021
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