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The current selection form of veneer peeling machine in CNC without card

miriamcorlNov 28, 2018, 6:56:50 AM


First, the reason for wood, if the wood is too fine and bent, in the spinning process veneer peeling machine will increase the automatic feed pressure, wood will be forcibly pressed straight and spinning, and then make veneer peeling machine appear force uneven phenomenon, accelerate its wear.


  3, CNC card-free veneer peeling machine cutting current is too large to increase the heat load of the nozzle, the nozzle premature damage, cutting quality naturally also decreased, or even can not be normal cutting.
Therefore, the cutting current and the corresponding nozzle should be selected correctly according to the thickness of the material before cutting.


Second, the wood in the growth process or storage will always have a sunny side to the yin characteristics, so the two sides of the wood density and dry and wet degree is different, so veneer peeling machine in the spin of such wood when the force applied is different, will also accelerate its damage.


IV, veneer peeling machine head to the two ends of the wood section of the clamping and production of end loss; veneer peeling machine fatigue work, has been operating at high speed, not intermittent, accelerated its damage.
When we are tired of our work, we will take a break to refresh ourselves and continue to work hard.
The same is true of veneer peeling machine, which also requires rest to prevent ultra-high load work from causing the machine to heat or loosen parts, causing it to become damaged.
Therefore, in the daily work to correctly and rationally use veneer peeling machine.


  The fourth combination is a double triangular pair top combination and a cylindrical guide rail combination (as shown in the figure).
The structure of the combination is characterized by:
  With good stiffness, can withstand all aspects of the force, wear can be a small amount of compensation, triangular combination can adjust the gap, triangle on the top guide rail and cylindrical guide rail centerline requirements are high.
Simple ordinary card-free shaft veneer peeling machine commonly used.


  In the correct use of CNC card-free veneer peeling machine for high-quality fast cutting, the cutting process parameters must be deeply understood and mastered, only in this case can make such CNC card-free veneer peeling machine to play its maximum effectiveness, Its cutting workpiece will also achieve the best results.
In the CNC card-free veneer peeling machine cutting workpiece, about the machine plasma power supply cutting current regulation problem is very important, it is the most important cutting process parameters, directly determines the thickness and speed of cutting, that is, cutting capacity.

Veneer peeling machine has become an indispensable mechanical equipment for plate factory, the rotary cutting of veneer depends on it to achieve, the quality of veneer and veneer peeling machine is also closely related, it is also related to the production efficiency of plate manufacturers.
However, veneer peeling machine after the use of a period of time, veneer peeling machine will appear wear and tear, resulting in a sharp decline in the efficiency of the rotary cutting, so the plate manufacturers pay more attention to veneer peeling machine maintenance.
What factors will accelerate the wear and tear of veneer peeling machine?


Third, because the log is not round, so that its rotary cut is not continuous, not only cause veneer peeling machine wear, but also produce a part of the broken veneer, resulting in the waste of the plate.


  The second combination is a double triangular pair top combination (Swallowtail structure).
The structure of the combination is characterized by:
  When maintaining a certain width, it has sufficient stiffness and can withstand all aspects of the Force; When the guide rail adopts an assembled structure, the guide rail itself has the function of setting and pressing plate, and moving a guide rail can adjust the gap.
Because the moving parts are suspended on two rails, the load-bearing is not easy to be too large.
The requirements of the ordinary simple core board without card axis veneer peeling machine are more widely used.


  The pressure ruler friction roller adjustment mechanism of the veneer peeling machine has manual adjustment and automatic adjustment mechanism, and the automatic adjustment mechanism automatically adjusts the seam gap between the ruler and the rotary cutter in the process of single plate rotary cutting, and decreases with the smaller diameter of the circular wood, So that the smooth and uniform of the single plate (high-quality wood can reach ±0.05mm), the finish is better than the ordinary card-free shaft veneer peeling machine rotary veneer, the remaining wood shaft will not appear square shaft, the spinning process will not appear the phenomenon of falling knives, jumping knives, The spinning veneer will not appear concave plate (also known as corrugated plate) and broken sheet defects.