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CNC Veneer peeling machine programming three-step walk-

miriamcorlDec 5, 2018, 8:00:39 AM

Veneer peeling machine is one of the main equipment for the production of plywood, divided into a card veneer peeling machine cutting machine and a card-free veneer peeling machine, with the advancement of Science and technology digital control technology is also applied to veneer In the production of Peeling machine machine, CNC veneer peeling machine appeared in recent years.
The appearance of CNC veneer peeling machine not only improves the quality and precision of the production single board, but also greatly improves the production efficiency and the automation degree of the whole machine.


  2. Establish the geometric model of the workpiece and calculate the movement trajectory of the tool relative to the workpiece or the trajectory of the cutting machine during the machining process.


  3, according to the program format of CNC system, the generation of parts processing procedures, and then verify and modify it, until the conclusion of qualified processing procedures.
Depending on the complexity of the problem, the number of wrestling processes can be obtained by manual programming or automatic computer programming.

  CNC Veneer peeling machine is the execution of instructions, we give it the instruction is what graphics, CNC veneer peeling machine cut what graphics, we said the directive is the graphics in the programming code, how to generate this code?
There are three main steps:
  1, analysis of processing requirements and process design, determine the scheme, select the appropriate CNC veneer peeling machine and its wearing parts, determine the reasonable cutting route and cutting dosage.


Today's society is highly efficient, so that in a limited period of time to create unlimited value, just like the current wood, it is precisely because of the emergence of veneer peeling machine makes the production of wood efficiency greatly improved.
At the same time is now also talent society, science and Technology competition in the final analysis is the competition for talent, in order for enterprises themselves to be able to stand firm in the market must introduce excellent technical researchers, professional research operations veneer peeling machine, so that veneer peeling Machine technology continues to innovate to adapt to the fierce market competition.

CNC Card-free veneer peeling machine is an important equipment on the plywood production line or veneer production line, mainly used to have the card shaft veneer peeling machine rotary cut the remaining (or grilled circle) wood core for two times, will be of varying lengths of wood segments, The wood cores in a certain diameter range are cut into veneer of different thicknesses, and the diameter of the rotary cut is small.

When all the normal inspection is complete, it can be put into production and use.
If abnormal conditions occur, immediately contact veneer peeling machine manufacturers after-sales solution or replacement of new machinery and equipment.


  3) Rotary cutting field input voltage size, the general factory power supply voltage for AC 380V, but due to the different conditions in each factory site, the general voltage fluctuates between 365V and 410V, so the input voltage is also a factor affecting the spinning speed.


Veneer peeling machine should be installed on the flat cement ground, the foundation is required to be firm, after the placement of the application of flat ruler to find the level, after the start should ensure that the machine is stable and reliable, do not occur a large tremor, if necessary, can be used cement to add seam or installation ground angle bolts to fasten.


  2) Rotary workpiece material is different, according to different rotary material, rotary speed is also different, common rotary cutting materials: carbon steel, stainless steel rotary speed is faster, cast iron slightly slower, followed by aluminum, the slowest is copper, because copper and aluminum are more difficult to cut, spin speed is much slower than the first two, and the same power plasma rotary cut copper and aluminum when the screw thickness is much smaller than stainless steel, carbon steel.

  CNC Card-Free rotary cutting speed is determined by a factor:
  1) CNC card-free rotary cutting model, this model is generally CNC card-free rotary cutting output current size, such as 40A, 60A, 100A, 200A, etc., according to the size of the model power, the choice of rotary-cut current size is different, the rotation speed is not the same, The above data you give does not indicate what brand and model of the CNC card-free rotary cut, so can not give detailed data.

The rapid development of social economy has led to the emergence of a variety of products in the market, and our needs for life are constantly changing.
Even though everything in the world is developing and changing, there is still something that will not change, that is, the market supply of a variety of veneer wood, and the manufacture of these veneer wood veneer peeling machine is to provide a static service for the development of single board.
We know that now the decorative use of the skin or wood skin is through the veneer peeling machine spin, which also requires us to fully grasp the rotary cutting technology.