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Would You Opt To Integrate With The Neura-Link?

mindsync1111Feb 21, 2019, 1:15:17 AM

The above-mentioned question to me is a great one, because now it truly seems as though we are pushing the bounds where sci-fi has now become our reality. The neura-link technology is a computer brain interface, which would allow human brains to compete with Artificial Intelligence. Now here is the geeked part, it is said that it would be possible with implanting tiny electrodes into your brain and the results of said implants would be enhanced memory function and greater cognitive processing powers which is essential the merger of your mind with Artificial Intelligence. 

So, Elon musk who is the CEO of this company, I love his cars But I’m not so sure about putting my mind on the global web to be a part of some kind of hive mind. It sounds good but I’m not going to be a Guinea pig. The topic of hive mind is pretty interesting though people will not be able to lie, that’s one inherent bad trait of man that would be gone. But back to having my mind online with the possibility of getting hacked, I don’t think you could possibly come back from that one I’m just saying. 

Listen if you can’t have a little fun in life it’s not worth living but on a serious note, technology is great but one thing I think about always is the end game. Why the hell do I need to compete with artificial intelligence I’m a fleshy I’ll just stay in my lane and Artificial Intelligence can stay in its, I’ll keep on being super creative while it continues being sublime in Logic. My perspective on this matter could change in time but for now I’m ok with being a fleshy and I don’t need to compete with AI, I just need to create which is the gift given to us by the source. Would you integrate? leave a comment below.