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Grounders Explained.

mindsync1111Feb 24, 2019, 3:40:43 AM

We all have those days, the ones where you lack the strength to fight it, the funk of the mind, what causes it? Who knows I was fine a few minutes ago, this blows but it’s here and you have no choice but to deal with it or have it deal with you. Speaking from personal experience, what I have figured out that works for me are grounders. Grounders can be thought of as a great personal achievement, something that you are extremely proud of, a feat that you never thought you could do but you got it done by pushing beyond your limits, it’s an amazing feeling something to be protected and locked away in a secret compartment of your mind to be called upon on those god forsaken days when you feel like utter crap. 

Imagine Your face being stuck in the mud and your mind has its foot on your neck, telling you to surrender but that’s when it clicks a moment of clarity just enough time for you to get to that secret compartment and arm yourself with a grounder because you have to remind yourself of those great accomplishments, whatsoever it may be, you did it one hand tied behind your back and driven by sheer instinct with the will to live you started biting using what you have until you get on top to strike that finishing blow, and striking that blow is letting that shitty state of mind go to regain control of your faculties.

 And with that win that’s another grounder to add to your ever-growing list of positive feats and the ability to shift your mind from a negative state to a positive one. Now if you say you have little to no grounders, you have to start by celebrating your small victories, they add up you better believe it. If you did ten push-ups today that’s a win. You made it to work early that’s another win. You skipped that donut for egg whites and whole wheat, oh thats a great win. So, grounders are everywhere we just stop counting the small ones because we only focus on the big wins, but a win is a win and for me majority rules If majority of your thoughts are positive then that reduces the likely hood of those shit days overwhelming you to the point where you become a victim in your own mind. Find your grounders and ground your mind.