It's ok to be White
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I am the MemeMonger. Centrist Chad, Degenerate Memes, Crusader of the Culture War What are YOU doing in the meme war? 馃憣 馃憣 #memes #meme #dankmemes #offensive #degenerate #culturewar #memewar #pepe #sjw #postmodernism #troll #freespeech #minds #maga #yanggang #racist #funny #jokes #nerd #safespace
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Classical liberal, centrist minded American, that highly values reason over feelings

What the hell are YOU staring AT? "You thrust your pelvis, huh, you thrust your pelvis huh!" I don't post here because the Minds app is so broken it is nearly unusable. Don't add me without express permission or I'll probably automatically block you. My Honor is my Life. Without Honor, humans are merely dangerous beasts at best, evil monkeys at worst. My default setting is to despise all humans. I hate everybody but will give anybody a chance to earn Respect. Respect is Everything. I am angry at the state of the world and if you are not, you are part of the problem! If you use the worthless labels liberal or conservative, I'm going to regard you as dangerously politically retarded and obviously part of the problem. Doublespeak not welcome! [email protected]

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Welcome to the official Minds channel

Steven Crowder
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Free China Memes is the general orchestrating the meme war against the Chinese government, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). We strive to create the best original content, all that is dank in China; the opposite of the weak-sauce politicized stuff put out by communists. If the internet can meme Trump into the presidency, we can meme the CCP into extinction. Don't be fooled: the CCP are brutal thugs and couldn't care less about the people or the country. They pollute the land, and even harvest the organs of innocent people like Falun Gong practitioners. 锛 锛 锛 锛 锛 锛 锛 锛 锛 锛 锛 锛 锛 锛 锛 锛 锛 锛 锛 锛 锛 Qin Shi Huang did nothing wrong! 1949 worst year of my life!

Stefan Molyneux
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Peaceful Parent, Philosopher and Host of Freedomain, the world's largest philosophy conversation!

I'm here to expose and annoy SJWs, Feminists, BLMers, Cultural Marxists and all other social deconstructionists. After Facebook deleted my page that had over 20,000 likes, I refuse to go back and try a fourth time.

Me, Just me. This is how I got past the 5000 character limit on the bio.

Concord, New Hampshire, United States
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Apr 2018
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