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Book Review of Threads of Vengeance, Starshatter Book # 3 by Black Knight, Indie Author

Mike HopkinsJun 3, 2021, 3:36:21 PM

The main theme of this book is summed up perfectly in a quotation from the prologue when the alien High Priestess of a Dark, Death Cult is about to torture, murder and eat a member of the uplifted bunny race who happens to be a small child.   '' Bow down before me little one and accept your Destiny!''   '' No, I will not.''   In this alternatate dimension,  Terrans have been attacked by more than one alien race who murder, enslave and use them for food.  In this alternate reality,  Terrans have survived, colonized other planets, formed their own space navies, militias and are known for their loyality to each other, fierceness in battle, courage and willingness to sacrifice and fight to the death to protect their race from enslavement and  extinction.  Criminality and the perversions of this dimension have been virtually eliminated due to their strong sense of purpose and an alliance to a more moral and evolved alien race called the Kil'ra.

Both Protagonists and Antagonists characters have been carefully crafted and as the series progresses you will find yourself cheering for the crew of the Starshatter Starship as they liberate fellow Terrans from their evil, inhumane and oppressive captors whose primary goal is to exterminate humankind from the galaxy.  
This being the third in the Starshatter series of book. it is in my opinion the best of the series although I will add I have only read three of the books to date.  Black Knight has been perfecting the craft of story telling and it shows in this novel.  A great deal of thought and work has obviously gone into the writing of this sci-fi novel.

As all good science fiction it taps into and reflects both the good and bad within our humanity as well as our deep rooted dreams of  freedom and a hope for a better tomorrow for future generations.  This book touches deep into our human psyche and our drive not only to survive but to thrive upon our planet.  

In conclusion, this is one fantastic read which I can highly recommend that you read if you are a fan of the Sci-fi,  fantasy and/or the action genre and what I will now honesty say is, ''Very well done Black Knight''.  I do look forward to reading Book # 4 in the series.  The saga continues.

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