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Art Director | Concept Designer - https://www.instagram.com/michaelpedro83/ - Michael Pedro is an animation art director and concept designer for video games and film. Primarily specialized in the area of environment design, he also provides visual development services for characters, creatures, and narrative key frame illustration. Michael has over a decade of experience working with powerhouse studios such as Electronic Arts, Sony Online Entertainment, and the Texas-based developer Certain Affinity. He has contributed to several high-profile franchises including DOOM, HALO, and CALL OF DUTY. In addition to articles, lectures, and print interviews, Michael has had artwork published in EXOTIQUE 6, SPECTRUM 17, EXPOSE 9, ART OF THE DRAGON: The Definitive Collection of Contemporary Dragon Paintings, Awakening: The Art of Halo 4, and EXPOSE 11.
Bill Ottman
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Co-creator & CEO @minds

Jaide Barclay
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Co-Host of Cryptalk - https://youtu.be/uS1v53GCGvc

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Aspiring Artist and Free Speech Activist. I post every week, currently It's my progress in learning to draw, but soon will include recordings of my piano playing.

Am a businessman, ready for business 24/7.... United fans.... Blood is red...

Hello, everyone! My name is Kyle Ritter. I'm deaf. I'm a comic book writer/artist/inker/colorist and I know that I suck at writing a bio about myself. So cheers!

I post a mix of history, opinion, art, politics, and music. And pirates - because who doesn't love pirates. Individualist. Engineer. Anti-censorship. Liberty. Self respect. Strength.

Creator of City of Venus: Dead City, Through the Woods & Shadow of the Kraken. Former lead designer McFarlane Toys. Covers imagecomics http://igg.me/at/kraken1 http://youtube.com/Vinnieart

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