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How to Get Free Admission and Drinks at Special Bars

miamistripclubOct 22, 2018, 11:16:54 AM

Partying at a strip club can be really fun. But the fun gets bigger and better when you get free admission into the club and to top it off a free bar! But being there is not as easy as it may seem. Not everyone is into the strip club manager’s good books to get an access to the free bar during strip club events. And not everyone has the luck to win a lottery to the special bars at a premier strip club. But it is not entirely impossible either, getting a free admission into your favorite club and partying with your favorite strippers. So, how do you do that?

Most of the premier strip clubs hold special strip club events where you get a chance to win rewards. While many strip joints allow all members to participate, some premier strip clubs might not let you play unless you are a premium member. So, to get a free admission, you might want to get a premium membership card. Almost all of the premier strip club offers premium membership to their customers. This membership comes with a special benefit that includes free access to the bar, late night party hours, special discount on luncheons that are offered during weekends, and a free screening of games aired on television. You can also party late until the wee hours with a premium membership. The perks do not stop here. The premier strip club lets you party with the strippers of your choice as well. You can also get services like a lap dance by your favorite stripper at a premier strip club.

Apart from all of these benefits, you get a special treatment not only from the managers but also from the bartenders, the doorman, the waiters, and of course, the ladies of the house. You also get a special preference during strip club events. So, more often than not, it is always advisable to get a premium membership. If you are a frequent visitor, it is furthermore advisable. On the other hand, if you are not a frequent visitor and if you still want access to free bars and free admission, you might consider checking your attire.

Dress really well. Behave nicely with the bartenders as well as with the doorkeeper. Remain sober and tip well. Respect the strippers and impress them. Get the people around to know and notice you with your impeccable etiquette. If not a premium membership, your behavior will help you get a free admission into a premier strip club during special strip club events. When people working in the club around get to know you and recognize you as a gentleman, they will automatically promote you over others to gain the lucky coupons for premium events or to gain a free access to the strip club shows or the bar for that sake. So, next time you are at a premier strip club without a premium membership, try impressing the bartender and the waiters apart from your favorite stripper. Who knows when you might get lucky?