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Retired Navy...Conservative Politics Memes, music, Asia and United States. Add Me and I’ll Add ya Back 😎😎😎

World government in operation democracy inoperative its not even about the vaccine but the passport, none shall be allowed to trade without the mark of the vaccination, no jab no job, world government in operation, world revolution necassary now. Musician, singer. Please check tunes on. Https://WWW.RUB.FM it will play in the background Fakebook is where you lie to your friends, minds is where you tell the truth to complete strangers. People pretend to be stupid elsewhere, the truth produces intelligence. I'm a musician in London with no music left no clubs no venues no festivals deleted Facebook ages ago and used to have 1000s of subscribers on minds but deleted this too (@rubb the old one) made this new one recently, 3 b's. Music, permaculture, turn the deserts green Planetary Healing by SAVE LONDON https://m.soundcloud.com/save-london/planetary-healing Peace love and revolution, @rubbb

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Glückliche Katze
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My Hope is the Father, my Refuge is the Son, my Shelter is the Holy Spirit. Holy Trinity, glory to You. "가슴으로 불러주는 널위한 노래 혼자란 생각이 들때 갑자기 눈물이 날때 아무도 너의 곁에 없다고 느낄때 기억해 혼자가 아닌걸 세상이 늘 아프게해도 이젠 외로워도 슬퍼도 울지는마 말없이 널 안아줄게 너의 얘길 들어줄게 돌아봐 내가 있을게 니가 흘린눈물 모두 닦아줄게 너의 외로움도 잠이 오지않은 밤에 쓸쓸한 빈 방에 너의 얘길 들어줄 누군가 없을때 쏟아지는 빗물처럼 힘든일이 네게 올때 피할곳도 없이 흠뻑 너를 적실 때 기억해 혼자가 아닌걸 세상이 늘 아프게해도 이젠 외로워도 슬퍼도 울지는마 말없이 널 안아줄게 너의 얘길 들어줄게 돌아봐 내가 있을게 니가 흘린눈물 모두 닦아줄게 너의 외로움도" - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2Iyt2qKUq2k Link to ordinary bio: comment on this post https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1222699520914792448 I have read the Bible daily since I was a child. It forms and defines my life, beliefs, views, habits, and actions. That is not to say that all my beliefs and views are synonymous with those of the Bible. Many are personal which are not necessary for one who wants to perfectly follow the Word of God. I will make mistakes often. I will err. Jesus is the perfect Personification of the Christian ideal. I am simply imperfect follower of Him. I also love the Philokalia and the Russian Pilgrim. I follow the teachings of Pope Francis, however, I follow it as it is presented on the official Vatican website. I do not follow the mass media's presentation of it, which is often falsified, and which most of his critics believe to be his.

Looking out for the positive in life... aren't you? ;)

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Christian who has Conservative Values who loves Animals. I play chess when most play checkers. I am just a man and his thoughts. I think, therefore I am. I am always open to new ways of thinking if they are grounded in ultimate truth, not the fake kind.

don't believe anything I say/post I surely don't..... DykeRyder KnuckleDragger NosePicker Neanderthal

Southern Heritage

Proud American, lifelong conservative, former US Army Infantry, NRA life member. No Twitter or Facebook ever. 1A & 2A are the backbone of America. Graphic Artist.

May 2021
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