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I'm a free thinker, a poet & author. I believe in free speech and the American dream, and look to navigate through the crumbling world surrounding me.

It's my conviction to share the word of faith. I believe in God and I believe in you and me

Relationship status: MINDS💡 and ice cream🍦

Spiritualist. I am a vagrant. I am a vagabond. I live light and logical. I'm 40 years old. I don't believe in privilege by natural selection. I don't believe in speculative judgement of the human soul. I'm gay 🌈but I don't make my whole life about which team I'm pitching for in the sack. It's just insignificant to my lessons. I'm sorry. Love is love. I love my haters so your free to join us! I do it myself. Fuck the system... I'm a homeless spiritualist. Been this way for 4 years. This will change. Time is a confusing illusion... The Great Awakening starts with you. The more you learn about #NaturalLaw you will notice things around you taking a different shape. My friend it is you that is changing. Take back your power. Subscribe today. Cashapp $OneGreatWork Twitter @TerryKendrix GoFundMe

Having had numerous paranormal/UFO experiences, now an active UFO researcher/investigator with the Florida UFO Network, an affiliate of the Long Island UFO Network. Awaiting the release of wrongly persecuted LIUFON investigator John Ford. Learn more at the links provided. I am a strong believer in activism towards social/peace/environmental issues and have a suspicion that the UFO problem distracts otherwise potential activists from becoming involved with the issues that plague humanity and Mother Earth. Whether by design or otherwise has not been determined. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED !

Commentator . Be advised : Anyone posting any Pro-fascist / racist / socialist remarks on reply's to any posts will immediately blocked, removed and reported.

May 2021
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