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George T. Mortimer. Author of 'Magick Without Fear', 'Bothy Culture' & 'The Probationer's Handbook'. Occultist - Bushcrafter - Freelance Subversive.
location_onDùn Phàrlain, Alba.
Last week, as the country (nay, the entire planet) descended into a little virus-inspired, self-induced chaos, I opted for a much more relaxing approach and retreated for a few days to the safety of the Scottish Highlands. #Bushcraft #BothyCulture #SelfIsolation
Okay. This herbs & spices situation is getting way out of hand. It's not my fault. Some dude I know from the pub (who is clearly on the spectrum) keeps bringing in exotic concoctions for me every time he visits an Indian supermarket. I'm beginning to feel like an alchemist. #Herbs #Spices #MasonJars #IndianFood #Cooking
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