BOOZE-FILLED SEX PARTY GEORGE SOROS' GIRL CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD IS THE MAIN SMEARING ACCUSER OF JUDGE KAVANAUGH Christine Ford, also going in social medias as Paula Blasey, was constantly on the party as a very loose moral individual, with men and women, a totally drunk and drugged true Liberal; and we're suppose to believe her crooked Democrat communist activist words over the word of a respectable man, his family, hundreds of positive women testimonies and many previous background checks over the years as judge. Christine Ford also has ties with Project On Government Oversight, also known as POGO, a government watchdog organization really funded by fascist globalist Nazi collaborator and financial terrorist George Soros. Now the real questions Senators and the FBI should be asking Christine Ford are, how much is she being paid to smear the good name of Judge Kavanaugh, and who else is in it too, playing the same dirt throwing game on conservatives? Earlier, Christine Blasey Ford claimed that she was too afraid to fly to the Washington hearings to be questioned, while in the past she plotted about moving to New Zealand if Trump won and also attended the University of Hawaii; but I think she's more afraid to have to lie under oath, which would be a criminal offense that could imply serious jail time and a criminal record. This smear campaign against Judge Kavanaugh is nothing new, it's just the usual crooked Democrats delay tactic being played once again to obstruct the will of the people and this time, trying to prevent a decent conservative judge from reaching the Supreme Court. 1. 2. CHRISTINE FORD RECEIVING PAYOFF SMEAR MONEY: 3. 4. Other Related Links: 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. #ChristineFord #JudgeKavanaugh #PaulaBlasey #ChristineMargaretBlasey #GeorgeSoros #Democrats #SupremeCourt #KavanaughHearing #Kavanaugh #ChristineFordJudgeKavanaugh #Politics #News