MY NIGHTMARE ROOT CANAL ( I Still Feel Strangely Violated ) =====by Bullhorn Barry (True Story & A Bit Of Hyperbole) I had a root canal yesterday and while I'm thankful it's been taken care of, I still feel somewhat violated. Is there anything weirder than having your mouth pried open with some weird metal clamp and two people just inches from your face digging and drilling in your mouth for over an hour! And all you can do is stare at the creepy Dental Light that's hanging just inches above your face. Honestly, I'm just now starting to get over the feeling of agitation, irritation and violation. It's been so long since I've been to the dentist and had some serious dental work, that I had forgotten the creepy feeling you experience after the fact. The only upside was that the dental chair had a pulsating & vibrating portion that was actually quite relaxing. Unfortunately for me, it had a short timer on it and when it turned off, it really agitated me. Of course, there was no way for me to signal the nurse to turn it back on since I was strapped in the chair and unable to speak! The irritation I experienced was similar to when you're listening to some relaxing white noise and you're completely relaxed and almost asleep and then out of nowhere.....the white noise shuts off. That's how irritating it was to have the chair stop pulsating and vibrating. And to make matters worse, the doctor kept asking me how I was doing and every time I would respond by giving him a thumbs up. And this is when things got even stranger. The Doctor must have asked four or five times how I was doing and every single time he would ask, I would give him the thumbs up and then he would crank up the drill as loud as it would go and drill as deep into the tooth as possible and every time it would hit a nerve and the pain would shoot from my jaw down my neck. It was as if the doctor was saying, "Oh yeah, just give me a second and I'll show you some pain!" Or least that's how I imagined it. I'm sure it was all purely coincidental, but when you're strapped in that chair, it's a different world. I'm sure it could've been worse and I'm really not complaining, I'm just pointing out that it takes a couple days to get over that creepy feeling of feeling violated. No offense to the Doctor, he was great. I just found the whole experience strangely odd and much too invasive. PEACE #minds #dentalwork #dentist #strange #torture