I just purchased a new burn ring and grill grate. Tegular metal fire rings are ugly and boring and Vader loves the unique and cool side of The Force. The goal that I stated back in March 2020 is I wanted to have five different ways to boil water and cook food for short and long term SHTF no electricity by September 2020. Back in March, I had ZERO of these things since I lived in a big city condo (I now call people living in those "coffin condos"). I now have... 1. Gas grill (short term) that holds standard 20lb tanks. - check 2. Coleman portable grill (short term) that holds standard 1lb tanks. - check 3. Burn metal ring with large grill grate (long term) - check 4. Rocket Stove (long term) - check 5. Sterno Stove for inside cooking that can use both gel/heat fuel cans (I think I'm one 12-pack short from having a full one year supply of gel fuel at thirty minutes of cooking usage per day) and tea light candles (long term). Eventually, I want to get a portable solar oven ($250-$450) for long term outside cooking (OPSEC cloaked since no smoke goes up into the air) and a HERC candle oven ($400) for long term inside cooking/baking which is entirely fueled by 20 tea light candles (I think I'm up to storing 500 tea light candles now). Carpe Sith Prepping Diem