My opinion on chaos? Fam,everyone loves chaos. A funny meme or funny troll can be hours of enjoyment! Heck,we love many games because we can "do anything" as the rag dolls of our avatars get knocked out into outer space! However,everyone is gangster until the chaos effects them personally. Like watching shit burn? What if it is your own house or your favorite coffee place burning? Like slasher films? Sure,I do too until I'm defending myself from some psychopath with a machete in real life face to face! In life there will always be an uncontrolled element but I think there's a huge difference between chaos that occurs naturally, is the result of karma, or is just for entertainment and the lulz versus chaos caused by people because they want to be "edgy",are simply incompetent, or they think "It is for the greater good" when all they leave is destruction and misery in their wake. (And if that supposed chaos was "planned" and checks were handed out how the fuck is it even "true" chaos to begin with?!) Like ying and yang I believe order and chaos both compliment each other. To live fulfilling lives we need to harmoniously dance between the two of them. #philosophy #memes #chaos #riots #destruction