You've got to be fucking kidding us: So tonight Antifa drove up and down mount greenwood streets (safe neighborhood, mostly police and fire families). There were times they would get of their car and shine flash lights in people faces to try and start trouble. They told 022 It was a art project. They went to any home and recorded homes with addresses that had blue lives matter trump flags ect. I personally saw them recording a little girl on a bike who was terrified and tried to cover her face. We were ordered not to engage at all. I am furious and outraged and sickened by this and makes me sick to my stomach. The good men of mount greenwood came out and told them to leave. One vehicle proudly said " we are Antifa and we are recording all of you !" A couple of the license plates were from Oregon...and a teacher from Chicago. And yet another CPS communist teacher named Carew Jillian. So teachers are now going around to peaceful neighborhoods, filming children and calling it "art." We can think of a few other "art projects" that might be interesting. One involves naming participants in the harassment.