Where's his 3 week funeral and folded flag...He wasn't even breaking the law when he was executed...He was never a Criminal or on Drugs, or passing counterfeit money, or infected with Covid, or Driving while Intoxicated...Cannon never robbed a soul...although now he is stealing hearts...God Rest his Little Soul...May our Nation come to its senses soon. Babies are being Murdered regularly...Does anyone Care...Where is the Spotlight for Truly Innocent Lives Lost. Hmmm...Crickets... From: The Italian American Page · August 13 · Cannon’s life matters!! Everyone DEMAND JUSTICE FOR THE LITTLE BOY!!!!! Cannon is from Wilson NC and he was shot by his neighbor in the head execution style.Little Cannon is 5yrs old and was riding his bike with his siblings near by when the neighbor just walks up and puts the gun to the little boys head. We should ALL be outraged and demanding justice for these innocent babies who keep getting gunned down by these irresponsible,evil, heartless humans 😢 —