Cherish It, Before You Lose it!

As I lay on the bed this afternoon, I heard what sounded like rain drops spattering on the roof. I quickly rushed to the window to be sure my ears weren't deceiving me...and Lo and Behold, it was Raining! Yaaasss... Finally!😊 If you live in this part of the world, you'll know there's been a critical reduction in amount of rainfall for some weeks now, they call it the August Break😏. Few months ago, the rains were pretty constant, and everyone was clamouring for it to go away..but barely three weeks without it, the same people who wanted the rain to disappear are praying for God to send down the rain. What an irony! This scenario above is analogous to what happens in every other aspect of human life.. People tend to ignore what they have until they no longer have it! That's a very simple but sad truth. A lot of us fail to be grateful for what we're given; be it life, money, intelligence, good health etc and we don't realise how fortunate we are until we look back and we can't see those things anymore...and at that point, no amount of regret can bring them back😰 So what are you blessed with that you do not cherish yet?? What's that gift you have that you're taking for granted?? That individual in your life that is so significant but yet you treat them like trash?? You may not want to lose all these due to your failure to recognise start now to cherish them! Life is too short to live in regrets of what you don't have. Know it now that you're blessed..and cherish those blessings before you lose them💥 Stay Grateful! ​​