Teal Swan & Mas Sajady Pay Homage to Hitler -- Anti-Semitic New Age Gurus

Teal Swan has made anti-Semitic statements that not only condone Hitler's atrocities -- but also suggest Hitler was the biggest contributor to "world peace."

“If you are on the highest vibrational level, looking at this planet, the person who added to peace more than anyone on this planet is Hitler. Because no one was thinking about world peace until he came along.”

-- Teal Swan

New age guru Mas Sajady has also made anti-Semitic statements, condoning Hitler's crimes and citing Hitler's biography as an "influential book." Sajady has even generated clients who stand out in front of his events and condone Hitler's atrocities on camera.

Teal Swan and Mas Sajady's sadistic agenda also includes suicide programming. Mas Sajady is avowedly demonic, and Teal Swan comports herself as though she is in league with the dark agenda.

Why are these new age gurus selling such a perverse ideology?

With Teal Swan and Mas Sajady paying homage to Hitler, it makes you wonder if in fact the Nazi command is still alive and well.


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