Many ask us what we do, where we're heading and without getting too specific, we're releasing now the rescoped company philosophy and the higher goals we set ourselves, which is why we took our time. For the first services of our IPFSCloud, decentralized "hosting" of your content, which neither we nor ANYONE else can shut down. How's that possible? Well, contact us and find out! We'll give FREE access to a limited number of testers, contact us on, via msg here or via mail - Free (if wanted) support at: Design, "bulletproofness", domains ( = domain) including .onion (TOR) and .bit addresses, legal advice, privacy, set up of your blogging software, website or whatever you want, including marketing and content delivery by our ipfs CDN. AVAILABLE NOW! The #eos based #cryptocurrency fueled media-social media network is built with the same tech and will follow in a reasonable time-frame after that. Thank you to the ones following from the beginning and we hope you'll enjoy. :) #technology #freedom #nextvid