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5 Common Mistakes Made by Beginner Woodworkers

maxwoodDec 5, 2019, 6:03:57 AM

Woodworking is surely one of the more creative and inventive crafts, but more than that, it is a journey, a process of learning where you’re likely to make some or many mistakes along the way.

When it comes to working with raw wood and creating products out of it, you’re constantly learning, and your skills are evolving throughout the entire process. If you’ve recently started in the woodworking business, know that sometimes, you’ll make small, negligible mistakes, and at other times, you might end up making huge blunders.

However, as a beginner, making mistakes is okay and completely normal. The key is to learn from your mistakes and make sure that you don’t repeat them.

Take a look at five common mistakes of beginner woodworkers that you can avoid in the future.

Mistake # 1: Working in a Dirty Environment

Working with wood is certainly a messy task, but you should always clean up after yourself. Dirty or disorganized workspaces can affect the quality of your final or finished goods.

In woodworking, cleanliness is as important as your craftsmanship. For instance, when making a wooden chair, you’re likely to run a saw on raw wood in order to cut it or shape it. Using a saw machine is naturally going to fill your surroundings with debris and wood shavings.

You should always clean the space before moving on to the next step, wait for the dust to settle, or, if possible, finish off your project in a different workspace.

Mistake # 2: Not Following Safety Measures

As fun and exciting as woodworking is, it is equally dangerous, especially when working with heavy machines and power tools. Most beginners make the mistake of not wearing safety equipment like glasses and latex gloves, using too many extension cords, using blunt blades, and forgetting to disconnect power sources, to name a few. You should always take care of these little things because failure to comply with these measures and rules is the perfect recipe for serious injury.

Mistake # 3: Rushing and Being Hasty

This is one mistake that probably all beginner woodworkers are guilty of. Most of them tend to cut corners and rush through their work in order to save time. This simply results in incorrect measurements, wrong markings, and a messed up product.

You should always remember that the correct measurements are absolutely paramount for the success of all your woodworking projects.

Mistake # 4: Using Wrong Tools

Many beginner woodworkers aren’t fully familiar with all the tools and machinery required for this craft, which often means that they end up using the wrong tool for their work. It is very important to educate yourself on the various types of tools and what special purposes they are used for. This will ensure that you use the right tools for your projects.

Mistake # 5: Inability to Prevent Router Burns

One of the most common problems of working with wood is nasty burn marks, which are typically caused by a dirty or clogged up router. Router burns are very hard to remove, which is why you should always clean your router after every use. Most beginners allow debris and dust to build up in their router bit, which increases the risk of burns on the wood.

The main takeaway here is to follow safety rules and regulations in woodworking to prevent any sort of injury or damage. Also, always learn from your mistakes in woodworking so that you can perfect your crafting skills!