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A Guide for Choosing RMM Solutions

MaxBower65Feb 3, 2019, 8:00:18 PM

If you are an MSP, you need the best remote monitoring and management solution in order to do the job better. However, you do not just wave your magic wand and make things happen. You have to put in some effort in picking the right RMM solution. Remember that the more efficient it is the easier your job will be and the clients will also be pleased. First of all, you need to do your due diligence. Get an idea of what is out there and see how each one of them fits in your line of work. You need to know what every solution offers and compare that with what you are looking for to see whether it will serve you well or not.

In addition, every RMM solution will offer specific pricing models if you wish to purchase the Software. At times, a subscription-based model will be the answer to your problems. In addition, such a model may prove better if you wish to remain with the particular solution for long, and you also get to pay less at the entry level. Some will charge per device or per site. However, this will come down to what RMM solution you have selected. Because you will grow over time, you want to go for an RMM solution that will allow you to expand as times goes by so that you do not have to start again from the ground up.

Consider the technical aspect of the plan. This is not something you purchase today and forget about it a few weeks later. If you are in the field to stay you need to look at the bigger picture. You want a RMM Software that offers you scalability as well as stability. You will have people depending on you and you cannot mess up their work and start telling stories about what the RMM provider has done wrong. This might be true but you cannot repair the damage you will have done to your reputation. Do not choose an RMM solution that will put you in such a position because it might be the end of your company.

If you can find RMM solutions that offer a Web-based user interface then you should stick to that. At the moment, people are looking for web-based solutions and this should also be cross-platform compatible. Therefore, pick an RMM provider who develops solutions with regard to what the future holds.

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