Anti←capitalist, anti←bankster, anarchist, Im for anything that fucks up the current system!

Official Minds account of ZOMBIESHARK GOD. I make original YouTube videos where I do Roasts, Rants, and Commentary on YouTube community drama. Be sure to subscribe on here and on YouTube.

Have you delved into the true essence of the world? Do you know what really makes the world go round...? I can tell you, but words alone will not sway your temptation as much as seeing it for yourself. Do not be afraid, the darkness will comfort you.

Hey there, I started out doing film in College before moving in to the study of 3D animation in University, I completed the coarse however things didn't really work out and as such I've been drifting toward one or two writing projects while building up my (currently mixed) drawing skills.

Every general political orientation holds some values, that are useful and benefiting the society. so my mind is all ways open for opinions and i am willing to discuss. Also truth seeker, tinker and wannabe engineer alternative profile: @Muselmann_Reloadet

Follower of realism. "Abraham cut off his sons genitals and stabbed him to death after he heard voices, nowadays we have a load of bullshit because of it."

Hi! 😙 My namе is Rachel! 😘 I want to mеet a mаn fоr love! 😍 сheсk my pagе - , my niсkname - tisixire1989 😊 I'll wаit fоr yоu 💛😍😊

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